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Family figure

The FUNFACE mini figure is a line of personalized full-body statues. In particular, the face/head is designed to be 80% similar to the provided sample image. Paired with the body of your choice, you can freely create the details of clothes and accessories that the FUNFACE consulting team is always ready to enthusiastically advise through product packages. Due to the “funface” line – the statue will describe the most joyful features on the face and will have a few variations.

Hotline: 08 7779 7779

Service packages attached

Mica base engraved with wishes and signatures: VND 99,000

Package 1

Crafting artistic accessories
(Cost depends on customer’s request)

Package 2

Crafting miniatures of glass boxes
(Cost depends on customer’s request)

Package 3

Fast delivery 10-15 days: 200,000 VND

Package 4
Production process